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Air Handling Unit ( AHU)

In Air Handling Unit ( AHU) the air is supplied through HEPA filters. The minimum size of the air supply area is 6′ x 4′ to cover the entire OT table and surgical team. The minimum supply air volume to the OT (in CFM) will be compliant with the desired minimum air change. The return air will be picked up/taken out from the exhaust grille located near the floor level.

The air quality at the supply should be Class 1000/ ISO Class 6. The AHU consists an air purification unit and air filtration unit. There are two sets of washable flange type pre filters of capacity 10 microns and 5 microns with aluminum / SS 304 frame within the AHU. HEPA filters of efficiency 99.97°/down to 0.3 microns are provided in the AHU. Liquid Sealing Type Air HEPA Filter Plastic Frame V-bank Mini-pleat Filter

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